Coaching for individuals

At Created for Mission we will work with you to develop the right mindset to gain clarity and purpose, equip you with the tools and strategies to help you develop new habits that will empower you to take action, and provide the support and accountability you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

Coaching for Men

Men! It’s time to Man Up! We have a crisis before us that is impacting our marriages, children, and society, and as men we must respond. It’s time to get off the sidelines and engage in the battle for marriage and the family. Marriages and families are crumbling in part because men are not stepping up as strong leaders and are abdicating their responsibilities as husbands, fathers, and Catholic men. As men we have a duty and obligation to build a solid foundation where our marriage and family can thrive!

If in your heart you are ready and serious about making changes in your life, and are committed to working with a coach to help you become the best husband, father, and Catholic man, then you are in the right place. We honor and applaud you for taking the first step in strengthening and improving the three most important relationships in your life; your relationship with God, your wife, and your children.

Coaching for Women

As women, wives, mothers, and daughters, we wear many hats and juggle various roles. Many times, it feels as though we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and our self-care falls by the wayside. We can sometimes act like human “doings”, operating on auto pilot instead of the human “beings” we were created to be.

As the primary caregivers of so many who depend on us, we need to remember to put the proverbial oxygen mask on ourselves before we place it on others. It is time to walk with confidence and dignity as daughters of God, with purpose, as we navigate all of the relationships and roles we are called to. If you are ready, willing and able to begin paving the path to becoming your best self, in any or all of the areas in your life, having a personal coach walking side-by-side with you can make a significant difference in your success.