Today, Life Coaches are stepping in to do a great deal of the work that pastors, marriage and family life ministers, youth ministry professionals, bereavement ministers, and other pastoral care workers have done in the past; supporting people in becoming a better, more grace-filled versions of themselves“. DR. GREG POPCAK, PROGRAM DIRECTOR, HOLY APOSTLES COLLEGE AND SEMINARY

“Claudia is very knowledgeable. She made me think of different ways to work on my marriage. I will recommend her to anyone who needs valuable help in making their marriage successful. She brings useful insight with using our faith as a background”. Danielle

“Coaching has assisted me with the following areas; Focus/Clarity, Self-Care, Relationships, Marriage, Sexuality, Forgiveness, and Goal Setting”.


“You are so wonderful together. You play off each other very well, great cadence. Content was excellent. Two hours [workshop] flew by. Lecture and exercises worked very well”. Phyllis

Excellent”. Leonora

“Fun and interesting [workshop] exercises. Time was understandably limited. Valued the impact and suggestions of other couples”. Unknown

“This coaching has been key in bringing my marriage from a dark place to one filled with hope and love”. Joe