Group Life Coaching

Created For Mission serves the Hudson Valley public community and The NY Archdiocese Parishes with personal development workshops that are flexible and available upon request.

Life Purpose Workshop- This dynamic group coaching workshop is open to individuals seeking deeper meaning and mission in their life. 

Love is a Choice Workshop- This workshop is open to Christian married or Pre-Cana couples who desire to build a deeper connection, learn better communication and strengthen their faith. Topics include: What is love, Creating a vision for our future together, Fighting fair, and Love languages.

Prepare & Enrich Assessment Workshops-As certified facilitators we conduct personal and/or group, evidence based, assessments as a tool to help to identify couples’ strength and growth areas. This is available for married or Pre-Cana couples.

Catholic Couple Checkup as a parish-wide based initiative is meant to help support your parish family in their sacrament of marriage, thereby strengthening our Catholic Church. We can facilitate this process for any parish in the Archdiocese of New York or nearby regions.

Youth Life Skills Development Workshop-Helps young adults learn personal and financial responsibility, build relationships, define goals, become resourceful, and learn God’s plan for their lives.

Virtual Catholic Parish Coaching Workshops-Provides parishioners with ongoing marriage support, practical tools and accompaniment in their sacrament and on their faith journey. 

For more information on any of these programs please call 845-642-4876 or email .