Marriage Advocacy

What a genius invention marriage is! Ok, hold on, before you jump ( like water on a hot pan of oil) let me explain…  If you were the creator of the universe and wanted to develop a plan in which individuals could learn to love each other selflessly and unconditionally, to practice virtues like forgiveness, and to carry one another’s burden’s (all while allowing for free will) this would truly be a monumental invention. Notice I emphasized the word “learn”, this is because, of course, we never really do all of these things perfectly but it really is a brilliant idea that two people are able to walk this journey of life refining each other’s character to become better people and being an actual living witness to each other’s lives.

Now, even though we do a lot to get in the way of that plan, imagine if we just embraced this mindset that marriage is really bigger than just the two of us. How different our attitude would be towards our spouse and how we could better control our negative behaviors. If we try to see the institution of marriage as greater than just the two of us, we set the bar higher to create a purpose and vision for our relationship.

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