Have you been feeling discouraged and defeated in your relationship lately? Don’t lose hope, you are not alone. All marriages experience disillusionment in their relationship. The question is, how long are you willing to stay in disilusionment before you decide to take action to change things? If you are tired of feeling defeated in your marriage and desire true peace and prosperity in your marriage… keep reading.

If we are honest with ourselves, at the root of our disagreements and conflicts with our spouse, is the sin of pride. The ego always gets in the way and causes discord. If pride causes division in our marriage, we have to ask ourselves what is the antidote that will remove pride and produce peace and prosperity in my marriage? The answer is humility. The road of humility leads to the town of happiness! Yes, you have the ability to change course and get on the path that will lead you to your desired outcome.

There is power in humility…Christ is the ultimate model of that truth, and as Christians, we should aim to model that behavior. The virtue of humility is not easy, it requires grace and extraordinary strength to practice, but it’s not impossible. God knows that it will not be easy, so he reminds us in Holy Scripture that he will provide the humble with his favor and grace to accomplish it. James 4:6 “But he bestows a greater grace; therefore, it says: God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”.

Practicing humility in our marriage will lead to several benefits and blessings. First, you must make a decision that you will be intentional about growing in this virtue and make a commitment to yourself and your marriage that you will work on developing this virtuous habit. If we are serious about change in our lives…it must start with ourselves. The benefits of practicing humility in your marriage are:

  • Peace and happiness
  • Healing in your relationship
  • Opens the door to empathy
  • Enables you to listen with an open heart as if you are wrong
  • Opens the heart of your spouse to be willing to partner with you
  • A humble heart is beautiful and attractive
  • Destroys and conquers pride

Are you ready to get started in developing this virtuous habit? You can do this! To help you get started we invite you to try the 3 Ps to Prosperity.

  1. Perspective – It all starts with the proper mindset. Change the way you “think” and it will change your life! Take the 7 day challenge and commit for the next 7 days to take 10 minutes a day (we all can find 10 minutes a day…no excuses) and contemplate on scriptures related to humility, read them over slowly, and let the words sink into your mind and heart. You can search online for a list of Holy Scriptures that speak about humility, there are many.
  2. Practice – In order to get good at anything, it requires consistent practice. For the next 7 days, be intentional and look for opportunities to practice humility in your marriage. Examples could be to listen to your spouse with an open heart as if you are wrong….let your spouse speak without interrupting them to make your point….asking for forgiveness if you did or said something hurtful. We must take action to create change in our lives…there is no way around it…your actions will lead to your desired outcomes.
  3. Pray – If your prayer life has not been the best lately, don’t let that discourage you, it’s never too late to start again…our Lord is merciful and patient and he eagerly awaits to hear your voice. Praying is powerful and transformational…ask Jesus to help change your heart and mind so that you can begin to take the necessary steps to change and move your marriage to where it deserves to be. Pray and ask for the virtue of humility to conquer the vice of pride in your marriage.

Remember, you can do this! When we realize that we deserve morewe will do more! Take action to achieve the results your marriage deserves!!

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